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D9: Claire Reeves (+husband)

Longtime WCSB member Rick Wimberly, who has been a steadfast champion for students and staff during his tenure, has announced he will not be seeking reelection in 2024. The leaves District 9 seat open for new candidates, and Westhaven resident Claire Reeves has filed a petition to run. 

Many of us who were in the trenches of last year's School Board race, and the previous years'  covid-era policy discussions, are all too familiar with her anti-masker, anti-vaxxer husband, Lee Reeves, due to his harsh and often bullying online persona around local pages and groups including our own Facebook page and in groups like Moms for Liberty where he was an admin/moderator. 

Luckily for her, Claire Reeves has had little to no online/social media presence (or has deleted it) and while she's been involved with her child's elementary PTO, their older children switched to private schools after elementary and they're rumored to have the same plans for their youngest by people in the know. 

It's important for everyone to note that many have distanced themselves from Moms for Liberty because that group is a clown show with no political upside, but there will be more than a handful of candidates who are very much aligned with their same extremist ideals and objectives but are savvy enough to use different terminology and tactics. 

Follow along in the journey about why we believe this is certainly a case of a "you put your name on the ballot as I could certainly never get elected around here," although we're sure Ms. Reeves will welcome any opportunity she might have to illustrate exactly how and to what degree she differs from her husband's extremist views and actions. 


But before we get to the husband part of the story, we hope all the District 9 residents are paying attention and realize that Claire Reeves' first campaign meet and greet was hosted by MOMS FOR LIBERTY MOUTHPIECE DAN CASH'S DAUGHTER. Danielle Cash McCoin was off the charts defensive during his election last year about his endorsement and association with Moms for Liberty. Cash is MFL's BFF since their origination, and has vocally supported and voted time and time again to ban books in our schools among other things. 

When a candidate's website has "AGE-APPROPRIATE CURRICULUM" as their #1 issue - and it's straight out of the Moms for Liberty messaging playbook - YOU NEED TO BE LISTENING. 

An online journey through Lee Reeves' political postings*

Husband L. Reeves has cleaned up (deleted) most of his comments made during the last few years on various pages and in gropus, but luckily we're pretty darn diligent with our screenshot organizing system. There are many more but this is a good sample for now. 

He was an Moms for Liberty facebook group admin: 10/2021 - roughly July 2022 when it appears they had a falling out over the election, and very active poster about CRT (critical race theory), bathrooms, anti-masking, etc. 

L. Reeves has long been strategizing on school board election matters as he was not a fan of Rick Wimberly. This planning crossed over multiple private groups that he's been a part of: MFL, Wit & Wilco, and Back to School (which is run by Josh Brown's wife, Mary Kate Anderson Brown.) 

MFL threads: 

Wit & Wilco group (with local agitator/grifter James Lucente): 

This takes some context/setup, but there's a local "behind the scenes" guy telling Republicans who they should vote for - he recruits candidates and was behind the 2014 Tea Party candidate slate of Dan Cash, Susan Curlee, Beth Burgos, Candy Emerson, and Paul Bartholomew and even Jay Galbreath to some extent. Shelton is still advising and pulling strings and sent out a 2022 email about who to vote for in school board and county commission primaries, and people like L. Reeves and former county commissioner Chad Story did NOT like the suggestions. 

Mary Kate Anderson Brown's "back to school" (BTS) group, which was for a long time basically an anti-masking group, Jay Galbreath is an active member and one-time moderator/admin.

It's important to note that L. Reeves was a VERY VOCAL opponent of Josh Brown getting the District 4 vacancy appointment and organized a MFL email campaign against him due to his Pfizer "conflict of interest." Apparently though, once Brown got the seat and started voting and aligning with what L. Reeves supported, he became a big fan and switched teams to his wife's group for what appears to be a variety of can assume because they better served his interests going forward.


Posts in MFL facebook group, October 2021 (some of the group members were pretty hostile towards Ms. Brown, we won't share those comments as it's not a good look.)

The MFL fracture was pretty clear from these MFL group and Wit and Wilco posts in April of 2022: 

We'll just let L. Reeves tell you all about it: 

More to come....we're out of space on this one as there's too much for one page. But yeah, we're sure there's nothing to see here in District 9...just an unchallenged Republican primary with a far-right extremist candidate as of now, with a week left to go before ballots are set. Cool, cool. 

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