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Should the County Commission Be Allowed to Line Item Veto the WCS Budget?

The Williamson County Republican Party sent questionnaires (also here) to Republican County Commission candidates. The last question was directly related to WCS funding support. (Note that not all candidates submitted questionnaires, and some omitted the school funding question.)

“Schools funding including interest payments on money borrowed to build new schools is close to 80% of the total County budget. Commissioners vote either to accept or reject the budget as presented, they have no control over how the money is spent. If the budget is rejected, they must negotiate with the Director of Public schools until they reach a resolution. Would you support a resolution to change current law to allow line item veto power to the County Commission when approving the School Budget?”

Line Item Veto WCS Budget

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The following Republican County Commission candidates and incumbents believe that County Commissioners SHOULD have line item veto power over the WCS budget:

  1. D4 Gregg Lawrence (incumbent) and Chad Story

  2. D5 Robert Verell

  3. D7 Jennifer Luteran and Christopher Richards

  4. D8 Barb Sturgeon (incumbent), Melissa Miles, and Jerry Rainey

  5. D9 Todd Kaestner (incumbent) and Robert Peterman

  6. D11 Brandon Ryan (incumbent)

See our Republican Ballot article for links to candidates’ Facebook pages, profiles, and videos, as well as notes about school-related votes and quotes about candidates’ views on public education and its funding.

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