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Keep Politics Out of WCS

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We're a volunteer team of WCS moms who do this "on the side" because we can't not do something when we see our public schools under attack and being disrupted. In 2021 we formalized as a Political Action Committee to better advocate and support local candidates who support public education. 

Williamson County, Tennessee has been a hotbed for political takeovers of our public school system by far-right political extremists since 2014. 

We've been fighting back as part of a national battle for our schools. 

In 2014, an extremist Tea Party slate took over the Williamson County School Board while people were asleep at the wheel. A small group of parents had been trying to call attention to what was happening, and formed a Facebook page and blog called Williamson Strong to highlight what was happening and call people to action. 

It's been a long journey....but with thousands of local parents and public education advocates making their voices heard, much of the damage has been mitigated. For now. 


In March of 2021, one of the earliest Moms for Liberty chapters organized here and took things up a notch, oftentimes landing our school board meetings in national and even international news. In 2022, we successfully (but narrowly) prevented a complete Moms for Liberty extremist takeover in our local election, but the work against their censorship, book banning, and bigoted attacks on our public education community - and the institution as a whole -  is ongoing. 

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