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District 2 School Board Race

Neighborhood Examples: 

College Grove, Bethesda, Spring Hill (Dakota Point, Buckner Crossing, Wades Grove, Cherry Grove, Brixworth, Cameron Farms, Picket's Ridge)


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Dan Cash has been the District 2 Representative since 2014 when the Americans for Prosperity endorsed Cash and several other candidates, sending out mass mailers that arrived right before election day.  Dan Cash has been a vocal supporter of the Moms for Liberty group and their attempt to remove books from the curriculum, including directing constituents to the Moms for Liberty website for their curriculum information. 

The Candidates 

May 3rd Primary

Dan Cash - R

August 4th ELECTION

Dan Cash - R 

Tiffany Eccles - I

Our Endorsement

Tiffany Eccles






Our Reasons

Tiffany is a current WCS parent (College Grove Elementary & Page Middle) and local business community member who works in sourcing at Mars Petcare, and we firmly believe she'll be a strong parent advocate with a level of professionalism, courtesy, and respect that's sorely needed.

Her top 3 areas of focus are ones we believe most WCS parents really care about when it comes to our schools, and teachers will especially love this: "Our district should be leading the state in salary and benefits. We need to make WCS the place for educators."

Tiffany is clearly tuned in to what actually matters in our schools, and her history of volunteerism shows she cares about giving back to her community. Being a public servant for our schools -including her own three WCS children - is a natural fit. 

And not to diminish Tiffany's capabilities or potential in any way because we truly feel we're all extremely lucky someone of her caliber has stepped forward to run, but frankly, we would happily endorse just about anyone willing to oust Mr. Cash from the Board after the immeasurable damage done to our school system, teacher morale, and community reputation this past year, primarily due to the unnecessary and outrageous curriculum drama he's validated and escalated.

It's time for a new voice and vote in District 2. 

Tiffany Eccles.jpg

Candidate Overviews

The information in this section was gathered from the Williamson Strong candidate questionnaires, local media coverage, social media posts, and our own historical information, which we've linked to where possible. 


Tiffany Eccles



Twitter: N/A

Candidate Profiles & Interviews: Williamson HeraldWilliamson Inc. Meet the Candidates Interview

Current WCS engagement: College Grove Elementary and Page Middle parent. 

Professional: Mars Petcare- Commercial Sourcing

Local history:  Has lived in Williamson County for two years 

Completed our Williamson Strong candidate questionnaire: Yes - click to read

Endorsements: Williamson Strong 

Dan Cash

Website: Says he will have one soon. [note: he's been in office for eight years.]

Facebook: Relaunched in May 2022 after being inactive since his 2014 election (no social media communications to constituents during the 8-years in office to date). His daughter, Danielle, was commenting as him on the first day it went live again and deleted quite a few comments soon thereafter. 

Candidate Profiles & Interviews: Williamson Herald, Williamson Inc. Meet the Candidates Interview

Current WCS engagement: Current School Board Member. Has grandchildren in WCS.

Professional: Retired GM/Saturn Corporation Business Owner

Local history: Has lived in Williamson County for 33 years.

Completed our Williamson Strong candidate questionnaire: Yes - click to read. 

Endorsements: Moms for Liberty's "Williamson Families" PAC 

Groups:  In April 2021, Dan Cash had a meeting at a local hotel to talk about CRT. He presented a list of concerns about the elementary school curriculum Wit & Wisdom selection, which he had voted to approve in 2020. This meeting was attended by several known Moms for Liberty members. That list of concerns was published on the Moms for Liberty WC website. This same "Dan Cash list of books" was later used in Oskaloosa, Iowa, to protest the use of the Wit & Wisdom curriculum.



In November 2021, Dan Cash responded to a parent email requesting him to support the curriculum with this response:

"I personally will not support curriculum that is not age appropriate for children. I will not support curriculum that is constantly negative. The degrading of the family unit ,marriage, introduction of breeding, canniblism, or prostitution. These are just a few of the topics discussed starting in 1st grade." 

When the parent responded and asked for proof that these topics were in the curriculum, his response was: 

"Yes you can go to the WCS web site and look up Reconsideration of curriculum all the text are in their for review. If you can't find the info please log on to MFL web site that has a complete library on this topic." 

A public records request from Williamson Strong has uncovered a long string of emails proving how Cash has been working behind the scenes to assist and advocate for Moms for Liberty/Robin Steenman: 


















Notable Info:

In June 2021, Dan Cash put WCS in the national media with his response to a parent email: "You Hate White Men, White Little Boys, and Christians."

"My whole problem with the second grade curriculum... is age appropriateness, so to go from civil rights to women's suffrage... what's the difference?" Cash said at a board work session. "There's going to be different things in there that aren't age appropriate."

After stating that Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech was "one of the greatest speeches ever written," he questioned whether the speech and women's suffrage were things second graders could comprehend.

- 06/20/21 Tennessean


Dan Cash List on M4L Website.jpg
dan cash comments.png
dan cash robin email1.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 1.09.30 PM.png

Historical Information for those wanting a deep dive

If you live in District 2, you must read these two articles to get up to speed on the history and people pulling the strings behind the scenes, as this seat has been at the heart of the political shenanigans for years now: 

Read 1st:

Read 2nd:


Minimal Title

Our very strong recommendation: 
Vote for Tiffany Eccles for District 2

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