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District 12 School Board race


Albany Pointe, Cedarmont Farms, Forrest Crossing, Maplewood, Ladd Park, part of McKay's Mill, Ashton Brook


Click maps to view PDF - Districts 4-1, 4-2, 4-3

August 4th Election 

[incumbent] Nancy Garrett - I 


Drason Beasley - R

Our Endorsement

Nancy Garrett



Our Reasons


There's not a single candidate running that can match Nancy's history of service and dedication to Williamson County public schools, including being a WCS graduate ( Franklin High School) herself. 

A PTSO Board officer, including President, at Centennial High School, she further demonstrated her passion for public education as a strong parent voice for District 12 while participating in public comment and engaging with her representatives to advocate for WCS students and schools.

Appointed to the Board by the County Commission after member Susan Curlee resigned in 2016, she quickly established herself as a consummate professional with an excellent grasp of policymaking and teamwork, in no doubt due to her considerable corporate experience at Deloitte and other highly respected corporations. She served on the Tennessee School Board Association Board (TSBA) of Directors as an At Large Member and is currently on the state nominating committee. 


Her leadership as School Board Chair has been nothing short of outstanding during a time when very few people could have so deftly handled the challenges of the pandemic, including leading our community through extremely contentious Board meetings that required nerves of steel. She has acted with the utmost professionalism and respect for educators and the school community at every turn, and Williamson County residents may never fully realize how lucky they were to have such a strong and steady Board leader in place during this tumultuous time.


Despite withstanding tremendous pressure and personal attacks that are likely far worse than any of us even know, Nancy is committed to continuing her service as a public school advocate and champion because she believes in teachers, educators, and the potential of every single one of our children.

We know our schools will be in the best hands possible with her in the District 12 seat for another four years to come.



The information in this section was gathered from the Williamson Strong candidate questionnaires, local media coverage, social media posts, and our own historical information, which we've linked to where possible. 

Nancy Garrett


Twitter: @NancyGarrettD12

Candidate Profiles & Interviews: Williamson Herald, Williamson Inc. Meet the Candidates Interview

Current WCS engagement: WCSB Board Chair and District 12 representative

Professional: Senior Knowledge Leader at Deloitte 

Local history: Lifelong Williamson County resident 

Completed our Williamson Strong candidate questionnaire: Yes - click to read. 

Endorsements: Williamson Strong  

From Nancy's website - this is exactly what you would expect from a public education advocate: 

nancy garrett independent.png

Drason Beasley



Twitter:  N/A

Candidate Profiles & Interviews: Williamson Herald, Williamson Inc. Meet the Candidates Interview

Current WCS engagement: Father of 3 WCS students

Professional: Director of the Williamson County Juvenile Detention Center

Local history: lived here since 2004

Completed our Williamson Strong candidate questionnaire: No.  

Endorsements: None to date

Groups: Recommended by "Back to School" parent group run by Mary Kate Brown (Josh Brown's wife)

Notable Info: Mr. Beasley's platform (found on his website) gives us immense pause, if you're familiar with the language that's being used to justify the disruption and harassment of our teachers, district leaders, and School Board members these last two years.

His agenda does not appear to differ greatly from that of Moms for Liberty candidates. We would love for him to come out and say otherwise. 

His talking points: 

  • parents need to be more involved in their children's schools. "The school board should never give our community or parents the impression that we do not want parents' input. We need parents involved in our schools to gain the best possible educational outcomes for our students."

  • schools are teaching one race is superior to another. "I do not believe we should be rewriting history or indoctrinating our kids with particular political viewpoints. I further do not believe we should be teaching our kids that any one race is superior to or inferior to another."

  • school curriculum is a top concern. " is critical that all of this material and teaching be age appropriate. It is the school board's responsibility to see that this happens. I don't support censorship and I'm a strong believer in the First Amendment. I do believe that in certain rare occasions our school leadership, our teachers, and our librarians have to make tough decisions and that may include removing certain materials that are vulgar or inappropriate."

Red flags are flying with Beasley as a school board candidate. 

drason beasley bulletin

Jamie Lima - eliminated in May primary 



Candidate Profiles & Interviews: Williamson Herald, Williamson Inc. Meet the Candidates Interview

Current WCS engagement: unknown

Professional: Owns the Cool Springs Harley-Davidson store [hosted the Moms for Liberty "Let's Talk Wit & Wisdom" event]

Local history: Lived here for 6 years. 

Completed our Williamson Strong candidate questionnaire: No.

Endorsements: Moms for Liberty's Williamson Families PAC


Notable info

Says children should have a curriculum that teaches "American Patriotism" (Williamson Families' 2022 Election Kickoff speech)

jamie lima.png

Our very strong recommendation: 
Vote for Nancy Garret for District 12

Historical Information for those wanting a District 12 deep dive

coming soon....


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