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In Tennessee’s first partisan school board elections, candidates in key races address issues

Tennessee Lookout

July 18, 2022

In Williamson County, candidates are competing in hotly contested school board races, representing how divisive politics have become around teachers and students.

Why Williamson County parents are suing school district, state education commissioner


July 11, 2022

Williamson County is still debating what to teach its youngest pupils.

And the latest chapter in a months-long controversy is heading to a courtroom.

Parent Choice Tennessee, a local parent advocacy group, on July 8 filed a lawsuit claiming Williamson County Schools' adoption, implementation and enforcement of the Wit & Wisdom curriculum violates Tennessee law.


Book Riot

July 8, 2022

Now, Moms For Liberty is getting into the act, creating workshops to help educate their members about how to find public educator social media accounts. Because Moms operates on a county-by-county level, this means these radicalized individuals are in your community and looking for you. The below image is from Nueces, Texas, but such agendas are popping up across the US.

Right's new social studies plan vows to fight CRT, wokeness and the "overthrow of America"


July 8, 2022

In late June, a conservative education coalition called the Civics Alliance released a new set of social studies standards for K-12 schools, with the intention of promoting it as a model for states nationwide. These standards, entitled "American Birthright," are framed as yet another corrective to supposedly "woke" public schools, where, according to Republicans, theoretical frameworks like critical race theory are only one part of a larger attack on the foundations of American democracy.

Williamson County Schools Remain Top in the State

Williamson Source

July 7, 2022

Williamson County Schools is the top-performing district in the State in grades three through eight. That’s according to preliminary Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) data released by the Tennessee Department of Education today.

Governor refuses to disavow Hillsdale president’s anti-teacher remarks

Tennessee Lookout

July 6, 2022

Despite statewide criticism, Gov. Bill Lee declined Wednesday to reject comments debasing teachers by the president of Michigan-based Hillsdale College, which the governor is inviting to start 100 charter schools in Tennessee.

REVEALED: Gov. Lee refuses to criticize comments mocking teachers

News Channel 5

July 6, 2022

Gov. Bill Lee responded Wednesday to the firestorm of criticism unleashed by video uncovered by NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Garrett's campaign announces more than 100 local endorsements

Williamson Herald

July 6, 2022

Nancy Garrett’s reelection campaign announced endorsements Tuesday from more than 100 local parent, school and community leaders.

Tennessee released TCAP down to the district. See how yours did.

News Channel 5

July 6, 2022

Superintendent Jason Golden said the district's success should be attributed to the WCS teachers.

"Our teachers are highly trained experts in their subject matter and in the art of teaching," said Golden. "Teaching is a profession that requires knowledge, skill and a love of helping students learn. Most people don't have the capacity necessary to produce academic success for students in the classroom, but our teachers do, and, once again, our TCAP results prove that."

Hillsdale College's Larry Arnn Is Playing the Governor for a Fool

Nashville Scene

July 5, 2022

Gov. Bill Lee's education adviser said public school teachers come from 'the dumbest parts of dumbest colleges'


Tennessee Education Report

July 1, 2022

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has never been a fan of or advocate for Tennessee’s public school teachers. Now, he confirms that in a revealing moment reported on by NewsChannel5’s Phil Williams.

REVEALED: Teachers come from 'dumbest parts of dumbest colleges,' Tenn. governor's education advisor tells him

News Channel 5

June 30, 2022

Video reveals Gov. Bill Lee never disputed those comments in joint appearance, instead offering only praise for Larry Arnn's 'vision'

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