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These ballots indicate who we would vote for based on what we know about their public education stances, OR that they may be the lesser or evils in their primary races.


Please note: Sometimes we recommend voting for only 1 person in a race where you get 2 votes. That's intentional to help the pro-public school candidate have a better chance of being in the top 2 of their race.  

If we haven't highlighted anyone in the race, that race is already determined OR we don't have strong feelings on them from a schools standpoint so either skip it or pick whomever you'd like to support. 

August 4th is THE election for local races, but it's also the primary for the November state races so you'll be asked which party you want to pull a ballot for (Republican or Democrat.) 

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Use our voter toolkit for tips on how to talk to friends & neighbors about the issues in this election! 

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