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What does a big-money DC-based national right-wing group like Americans for Prosperity want with our

We’d better find out, because it looks like our new school board majority is working for them.

Common Core is an opening gambit, folks. Next up may well be getting rid of an AP US History class because they think the curriculum is insufficiently patriotic.

But the big play here is defunding, privatizing, and voucherizing our public schools here in Williamson County, otherwise known as radically experimenting with what most of us think is a darn good public education system.

AFP and their allies have a national plan that was leaked online in January. The first step is listed as “End Common Core.” The second step is to convert to a voucher system so funds currently used to pay for public schools could be used for private and for-profit schools. As mainline politics site reported: “The groups are stoking populist anger over the standards – then working to channel that anger into a bold campaign to undercut public schools….”

It looks to us like we’re right in the middle of it. See Colorado for how this is playing out elsewhere.

This isn’t about local control, folks. This is a national political agenda.

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