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House Rules

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At Williamson Strong, we want to encourage open dialogue about topics related to public schools in Williamson County, TN. We welcome respectful, dissenting opinions. However, we do not wish to allow the same loud voices to monopolize the conversation and shut down valuable discussions.


As a reminder, Williamson Strong is a PUBLIC page, not a group. Comments posted do not necessarily reflect our opinions, and we do not endorse any statements made by our followers.


To create a space for PRODUCTIVE conversation, we are enacting the following rules:


  • We will not tolerate hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist posts or those that specifically target a religion, nationality, or political belief, and they will be removed. We will immediately block anyone violating this rule.

  • We are all passionate about our schools, and sometimes a few colorful words are warranted, but please keep it PG-13 and not aimed at hurting another person.

  • No doxing. Tagging, emailing, or contacting a person's employer (even if they are a horrible troll) does nothing to improve our public schools. We will not allow the posting of personal information (such as addresses, photos taken during personal time, etc) of any board member or other person of interest. Absolutely no personal attacks on minor children will be tolerated.

  • STAY ON TOPIC. We don't care how you feel about vaccinations. The only "lockdown" we had was two years ago. This is not the place to discuss any current or former president. There are plenty of other pages for those discussions.

  • No misinformation or "fake news" is allowed, especially around health-related topics that may be damaging if shared and spread: our page, our determination.

  • No "Trolling."(Posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track.)

  • Williamson Strong is a space for LOCAL discussions about public education. While we welcome the occasional comment from interested parties outside of Williamson County, you will be blocked if you monopolize the conversation and live outside of Williamson County.

  • No solicitation

  • Remember that we are all neighbors and are here because we are passionate about strong schools.

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