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14 Months of Obsession

Roger Abramson reported from yesterday’s Registry hearing that Susan Curlee attended and approached the Registry attorney after the meeting ended. According to Abramson:

“[Curlee] has even MORE information about Williamson Strong and wanted to know how to submit that. The lawyer patiently explained the process and half-jokingly asked her not to ‘kill any more trees.’ Just get ready for more ‘stuff’ about Williamson Strong. Also get ready for not caring very much. This has become a one-person obsession.”


Believe it or not, this obsession with Williamson Strong has been going on for 14 months. Take this quiz to check your knowledge of the early history.

Multiple Choice

1. Williamson Strong’s first Facebook posts were on June 4, 2014. We posted a Tennessean article about Tennessee’s education funding formula and a WCS InFocus article. On what day did then-candidate Susan Curlee first write that Williamson Strong had to be “exposed”?

A. August 8, 2014 – the day after she won the election

B. July 23, 2014

C. July 16, 2014

D. June 26, 2014 – about three weeks after our first Facebook posts

Answer:  D


2. On June 26, 2014, what was one of the reasons Curlee gave that Williamson Strong had to be “exposed”?

A. One Williamson Strong founder works for a union

B. Someone from Williamson Strong used an inappropriate “tonality” with her

C. One Williamson Strong founder had stated an interest in “keeping extremists out of government”

D. Dr. Looney had “liked” the Facebook page

Answer:  Both C and D

3. Who was seen outside Hillsboro School (where several Williamson Strong founders’ children attend) on a Sunday night after the election in August 2014 carrying a clipboard?

A. Newly elected but not yet sworn in school board member Susan Curlee

B. Victoria Jackson

C. Glenn Beck

D. Both A and B

 Answer: D


True or False

4. Hillsboro School is in Susan Curlee’s District 12.

Answer:  False. Hillsboro School is in scenic Leiper’s Fork in District 9, which is represented by Rick Wimberly. Hillsboro is approximately 15 miles, or 30 minutes, away from Centennial High School, the only WCS school physically in District 12.


Fill in the Blank

5. Board members were sworn in on September 15, 2014. On what day did Susan Curlee propose the creation of an ad-hoc ethics committee to investigate the Hillsboro PTO?  ____________________

Answer:  September 17, 2014 – two days later


6. What two things happened September 29, 2014, two weeks after the swearing in of new board members?




1. Hillsboro educators met after work in a park to talk about the newly elected school board. They were secretly recorded by a new (to WCS) teacher, Summer Martin.

2. Susan Curlee filed her “Attorney Client Priviledge (sic) – Highly Confidential Records Request” on Williamson Strong parents. (9:48 pm, i.e., later that night)

FOIA Request

FOIA Request


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