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Happy Say Something Critical about a Politician Day!


We know—many of us use our liberty to do this every day! But do it today. Seriously, get together with your friends, maybe your co-workers. On your own time, talk a little smack about your elected officials. Go local, state, or federal! Republican, Democrat, it all works. Find somebody who represents you and about whom you have some critical things to say. Go for it.

Why do we celebrate this right on this day?

Because one year ago today (9/29/14), about 13 WCS teachers and administrators met after work in a park to talk about the school board—yes, elected officials. And some teachers actually said some critical things about their elected officials. And because someone secretly recorded it and uploaded it and put it on the radio, those very government officials–6 months later–heard it, didn’t like it, and kicked off an investigation into those very educators.

We think a school system and a democracy in which teachers fear being investigated by the government for having a private political conversation is a scary thing. We really do.

And so we say–on principle and in solidarity with those teachers who got treated like they did something wrong–THEY DIDN’T. So wave your flag high and give it all you’ve got.

Because when we wave the flag and talk about freedom, this is (part of) what we mean.

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