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Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for all the tremendous educators, administrators and staff in Williamson County Schools. Your dedication, skill, and love for kids are what make WCS what it is today. Thank you!

We are also tremendously grateful for the WCS parents, community members, elected officials, and business leaders who have stepped up to be engaged and informed as much as possible to ensure that WCS remains excellent and continues to grow into a world class school system.

We are grateful for every effort at every level to keep our schools focused on being welcoming to every child, for pursuing excellence and opportunity for every child, and for pushing back at sideshows and other agendas that aren’t about the boys and girls of WCS.

We are also extremely thankful to have met so many awesome, smart and engaged WCS parents, WCS staff and WCS community supporters. Many of us (all of us?) woke up a little late this year to the reality that we needed to pay more attention to the governance of our schools. But we are here now and it is amazing to see how many of us there are (1000+ new since September), how engaged people are, and how we can come together on something as basic and essential to our families as great public schools.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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