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Legal Documents and Background

“After consideration of this entire record in this matter, it is determined that the Respondents did not constitute a political campaign committee with respect to the 2014 election. It is therefore ORDERED that the Registry’s charges against the respondents are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.”

8/24 Williamson Strong Response to Motion to Dismiss

“There has never been immunity from federal court injunctions, and there are lawsuits in federal courts all across the nation seeking declarations that laws or practices are invalid under the First Amendment, as well as injunctions to prohibit those invalid laws and practices being enforced.”

If the federal court case is delayed, Williamson Strong’s appeal of the PAC fine could take as long as six years. After the administrative hearing in December, Williamson Strong could potentially appeal to the Chancery Court, then Court of Appeals and finally the Tennessee Supreme Court.

“Williamson Strong argues that there is no legal precedent for delaying the federal court case up to six years, and that there would be incredible harm done by such a significant delay.” “The 2016 Presidential Election is already under way and the citizens of Tennessee need to know what they are or are not allowed to do as soon as possible.”

7/31 Registry Motion to Dismiss

Branstetter, Stranch and Jennings, PLLC, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Williamson Strong and five Williamson County parents against the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance Registry of Election Finance and four of its members, based on its decision to issue $5,000.00 in fines against Williamson Strong, a grassroots organization supporting strong public schools in Williamson County.

“The Registry’s primary conclusion, that any two people who spend even one penny to present political opinions can be deemed a political campaign committee, has very serious implications for everyone in the State of Tennessee. This decision is completely contrary to both the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Tennessee Constitution.”

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