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Looking for Something?

We hear that Susan Curlee has again gone fishing (via another Public Records Act request) for information about Williamson Strong. A few weeks ago, she requested info on us (and other things) from FSSD. We have no idea what she’s looking for, but if she asked us directly, here’s what we’d say:

We’re public school parents. We think you have this accountability thing backwards: You actually represent us. You are an elected official. You are a politician. You receive taxpayer (hello!) dollars to work on behalf of our kids’ schools. Please just cut to the chase and ask us what you want to know. We’re happy to set you straight, and we’d like it all to be a matter of public record. We are apparently of great interest to you. However, it seems like high time to move on to things that are a little less about YOU or YOUR interest in us and maybe a little more about the future and strength of Williamson County Schools. Just a thought. Sincerely, Williamson Strong


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