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Passing the baton

Please see the message shared on Facebook from the Williamson Strong founders, followed by a note below on what's next....

"Heads up about some goings on here at Williamson Strong. Several of us started the Facebook page and website back in 2014. We wanted to pay attention and write about what we saw in school board elections and issues related to public education in Williamson County.

We were moved by a desire to protect schools from those who wanted to use them as political footballs. We believed and still believe that Williamson County Schools should be focused on delivering an excellent education and should be welcoming to all students.

But we are aging out! We are passing the baton to a new group of parents who care deeply about public schools, about the kids in them, and about the adults who make a great education possible.

With that, we are handing the keys over to Anne McGraw and Crystal Freemon.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to supporting Williamson Strong's continuing mission.

- Sarah, Jim, Susan, Kim, and Jennifer

Why now, you may be wondering? Parents and community members who were around in 2014 for the Williamson County School Board takeover by political extremists - a handful of whom still hold their seats - have realized the same thing is already in the works for the 2022 local elections. We don't want to be caught off guard again, so it's time to make sure our entire community is paying attention to the organizing that's already taking place. We'll connect the dots for you and provide information sources for you to research independently so you can come to your own conclusions as well....the goal is not to sway anyone to one side or another, but to simply make sure you're keeping a close watch on who's doing what to influence our schools, and most importantly to support local candidates in 2022 and VOTE for true public education advocates.

More to come. Message us anytime on our Facebook page.


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