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The Awesome, the Funny, and the Sad (and Deranged)

The Awesome

So many Williamson Countians are paying attention to what’s going on with our schools and our school board (and now our county commission), and there are lots of ways to stay informed. We count more than half a dozen citizen news and commentary sites, in addition to local press and the communications connected to the district itself. Each is a little different, and all allow for interaction. That’s a great thing.

On Facebook: Protect WCS, Willco Rising PAC (note that Williamson Strong is NOT a PAC but we are NOT endorsing), Eric Welch, WCS Parent On Twitter: #WCSB, @WCS_CitizenTwit, @alveyed, @WilliamsonStrg (for live tweeting of meetings and other commentary), @WCSB_PR (parody public relations) Current board members on social media: Jay Galbreath, Williamson County School Board District 6Mark Gregory WCS District 11, Robert Hullett, Anne McGraw@DrBethBurgos@curlee4wcs@WannabeCandy@jaygalbreath, @BobbyHullett@RickWimberly Blogs: WCSFacts, Alvey on Education

We always encourage you to write your elected officials—whatever your point of view. Always.

Those of us who founded and run the Williamson Strong Facebook page have diverse political perspectives: Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. But as we have always said—who cares? Schools and school boards are rightfully nonpartisan. We are ALL for excellence and opportunity for ALL our WCS boys and girls. That’s our agenda. We don’t like sideshows.

The Funny and the Sad 

What’s both funny and sad is that a certain crowd only has eyes for Williamson Strong. We’ve coined the term “Williamson Strong Derangement Syndrome” – they see us even when we aren’t there and automatically characterize every person who disagrees with them as Williamson Strong.

This would be funny except it’s pretty insulting to individual parents and community members who get lumped in as Williamson Strong and tossed aside. It allows some elected officials to conveniently decide that if anyone disagrees with them they are suspicious, deviant, and can be treated like trash instead of like constituents who deserve a fair hearing. It’s a real shame.

Williamson Strong shares information. We research and write original articles. We provide a community forum to make it easier for WCS parents and community members to get engaged to strengthen our schools.

There are actually lots of other folks doing the same thing, and we’re all the better for it.

Some people might have a problem with that, but it’s about as radical as toast.

Be informed. Be engaged. Get involved.


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