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Who is Williamson Strong?

From our inception, we have been 100 % transparent that Williamson Strong is composed of parents and citizens who are concerned about the short and long-term welfare of the Williamson County School system. We are 100% transparent that as individuals, we are diverse in our political backgrounds. Amazing how people of varying political mindsets can be civil and productive when personal agendas are put aside.

As an organization of parents and citizens who are about schools, we don’t care if you are brown, black, white, democrat, republican, libertarian, liberal, conservative or politically neutral — if you bring positive, constructive and reasonable thinking to the table, we will welcome you.

Again there are people saying Williamson Strong is pro-union, taking money from left-leaning extremists. This simply is not true. We accept money from no one. We are first and foremost parents and citizens who are concerned about our children’s and community’s schools. We are proud of our schools and the direction they are headed. This isn’t partisan politics. This is about supporting those who will best continue Williamson County on a path of prosperity, vitality and desirability.

We are your neighbors and friends. Our kids go to school with your kids. Our families attend the same churches as your families, and believe that a healthy public school system — not one that is splintered, angry and accusatory — is in the best interest of our county and county’s children.

We are an open book, folks. All you have to do is ask.


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