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2018 District 10 WCSB Candidates

District 10 is north of downtown Franklin and inside Mack Hatcher and includes Fieldstone Farms west of Hillsboro Road, Monticello, Founders Pointe, Carlisle, Spencer Hall, Clairemont, and Buckingham Park. If you vote at the Franklin Rec Center, Liberty Elementary, or Hunters Bend Elementary, you’re in District 10. Confirm your district by entering your address here.


Incumbent Eric Welch


Current school engagement: School volunteer in FSSD and WCS since 2005, former Centennial High School PTSO membership chair and board member, former Cougar Athletic Club member, Quarterback Club, Tournament Director (wrestling); father of two sons – one a CHS rising senior and one a CHS graduate and student at UT

Professional: Director of client development for a market research company; US Army and National Guard veteran; B.S. in marketing from George Mason University

History: Moved to Williamson County in 2005

Politics: District 10 WCSB member 2010-14 and interim appointee since September 2017, WCS Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center Advisory Board, TN School Board Association, WCSB Policy Committee, WCSB Teacher Leave Bank Committee

Other groups and associations: Ladders to Hope, The Joseph School (Haiti), Josiah’s House (Dominican Republic), One Generation Away, member Grace Chapel Church; past coach for Franklin Cowboys, Williamson County Wrestling Club, Williamson County Soccer Association


  1. TN State Representatives Charles Sargent and Sam Whitson, TN State Senator Jim Bryson (past)

  2. D10 County Commissioners David Landrum, Robbie Beal, Travis Hawkins (past), and Matt Williams (past and incoming D9)

  3. Franklin Alderman Margaret Martin

  4. WCS Asst. Superintendent Dr. Donna Wright (past), WCS Asst. Principal Parker Altman (past)

  5. FSSD Board Members Tim Stillings, Dr. Alicia Barker, Allena Bell, Robert Blair, Robin Newman, and Kevin Townsel (endorsing as individuals and not board members)

  6. Williamson Business PAC (2017 appointment and 2018 election)

“We’ve come through some turbulent years but now have a solid team in place that trusts each other and works well together. I’m proud to be a part of it and a voice of experience on the team and look forward to taking on the challenges ahead.”

BUDGET: Welch is pleased that, in his opinion, the County Commission—the funding authority for WCS—and community now see that the district is operating on a lean budget. “We’ve been kind of kicking the can down the road for years. We’ve been putting projects off,” he said, using school roofs and parking lot repairs as examples. When it comes to working with the commission on funding, Welch said, “That requires both an understanding of the budget details, the funding process and a bit of political courage to stick your neck out and take a public stance.”

STUDENT SAFETY: “I don’t see that arming teachers is a big issue right now,” Welch said. He said he does not support arming WCS teachers, and his preference is for the state to fund school resource officers.

OTHER FOCUSES: Adequately staffing schools with counselors; acquiring funding for athletics programs through private and public partnership programs; and overseeing the success of the district’s new online learning program.

Heather Webb


Facebook page: N/A

Twitter: N/A

Current school engagement: Two homeschooled children, ages 6 and 8, who are zoned for Walnut Grove Elementary but will out-of-zone enroll at Winstead Elementary in August

Professional: Child and family legal advocate who works on cases in the Williamson County Juvenile Court

History: N/A

Politics: Neighbor and Facebook friend of former State Rep. Jeremy Durham who signed her petition to run for office


Other groups and associations: N/A

Endorsements: TBD

“Fighting for kids has always been a passion of mine. The school board is a great place to continue that.”

July Tennessean article (Webb declined to be interviewed.)

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