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Another Version of the Story: Let’s Talk School, October 28

One week ago, there was a Let’s Talk School meeting at Centennial. Both the Franklin Home Page and the Williamson Herald had good coverage of the event.

Since then, a couple of Susan Curlee’s staunchest supporters, Victoria Jackson and Julie West (neither of whom was at the event), have come out with what appears to be Ms. Curlee’s account of the evening.


Ms. Jackson described the event as “a spiritual battle between the God-haters and the God-lovers.” Ms. West reported her take on a local radio show. Again, note that neither she nor the host actually attended LTS. Even so, they described the event as “nothing short of harassment and endangerment” with a “volatile” audience of hundreds of people. West alleged that one Curlee supporter didn’t speak up because she was “frightened for her children’s safety.” West said Curlee was being “bullied” and “was put in danger on Tuesday night and had to be escorted to her car from a meeting that was coordinated by Mike Looney… Hey, forget be nice, let’s just be safe.” Then the host concluded with this… ”Alright, I would encourage everybody to stand by Susan Curlee and our new school board. Obviously somebody doesn’t like that the parents are taking back their education of their children. And for those that have had the courage to stand up and make a difference, it’s starting to get really intimidating and violent and they need your back.”

Lots of people were there. Were you? Does this match up with what you saw?




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