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Open Letter to Williamson County Teachers

Dear Williamson County Teachers,

On behalf of Williamson Strong, a grassroots, parent-driven organization mobilized in support of our county’s public school system, we are writing for two reasons.

The first is to thank you for the job that you do year-round to provide an excellenteducation for our children. As you know, we are fortunate to have a school district that believes in proactively teaching our kids on a broad spectrum of topics. That is hard work and you collectively and consistently deliver. We want you to know that this doesnot go unnoticed and we applaud your efforts.

The second reason for reaching out is to make you aware of the upcoming elections on August 7. In this election, there are several candidates who are running on a platform that openly suggests that Williamson County Schools are not being operated in the best interest of our children’s education. We adamantly disagree with this position, but more importantly believe that the issues in contention — such as Common Core Standards — do not reflect decision making at a local level, and thereby constitute a political agenda.

In essence, this contingent of candidates is laying blame at the doorstep of WCS and its leadership.

As front line advocates in public education, you recognize that there is no silver bullet for defining a curriculum that will satisfy every parent’s perspective. What you also recognize is that your role in defining that curriculum holds more validity than any other audience.

In closing, we ask that you become educated on the candidates who are running for the governing body of our school system. Learn what they stand for and what they represent. As an organization, we have specific endorsements in place, and while we are not seeking your vote for those we feel best represent public education, we are seeking your voice and involvement.

The outcome of this election will either push WCS in a direction that is based on positive and constructive communication or it will push it into a forum of distraction and negativity. We are seeking your involvement at the polls to ensure the former.

Please vote.

Thank you again for your service and dedication.

Williamson Strong


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