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Project 912 TN Leader Reports on WCS Board

J. Lee Douglas, Project 912 TN Founder and President, was at the School Board retreat Saturday. The following day, he reminded his readers that “there are now 8 (of a total 12) nine-twelve members on the WC School Board.” Please read it for yourself. (Note that Douglas persists in his assertion that Williamson Strong is funded by a labor union and a Hungarian-American billionaire. We aren’t, and we have no funding from anyone.)

Recall that J. Lee Douglas attended and spoke at a WCS parent meeting at Woodland on 10/14 (he has no kids in public school) and said that the 4,700 who elected the new School Board are their real constituents and that they have “obligations to them more than other people who didn’t elect you,” i.e., tens of thousands of WCS parents (also taxpayers) and 132,000 taxpayers/voters.


There is much that you should know and much that you know that you should be sharing.

Did you notice that within days of Amendment #1 passing, the losers filed a lawsuit asking the peoples’ decision be overturned? Typically liberal: if you can’t win it at the ballot, ask a judge to grant it. Planned Parenthood is claiming that only those participants actually voting for a governor should have had their votes counted. I’m one who did not vote in the governor’s race so that my vote wouldn’t be worth less when voting for Amendment #1.

We’ll see how the courts regard this but I recall that it was this same court in 2000 that ruled that our legislators were never given Constitutional authority to legislate and/or regulate the abortion industry and thus, reserved all legislative regulation of that single portion of the medical field to themselves. Does anyone wonder if this recent approach to invalidating the will of the voters is an original idea of those judges of the same court?

Even if those who cast no ballot for governor had their votes for amendment one removed, there is still a margin of nearly 20,000 votes among those who favored the amendment. This is again an effort to cancel the will of the people by the agents of the Democrat party and its supporters. The Republicans have their portion of crony capitalism but the Dems have their love affair with genitalia, sexual orientation and death, don’t they?

Locally, in Williamson County, you may recall that there are now 8 (of a total 12) nine-twelve members on the WC School Board. The George Soros/SEIU group affectionately known as Williamson Strong, have planted their flag in WC and are determined to thwart the good and decent efforts of our Board members. Our guys recognize that they have little governing experience but with principles, they have no shortage. I’ve not been told this but I suspect, these honorable men and women have not lost the surprise and sting of the venom from Williamson Strong. The local media reporting routinely carries a WS biased view. Having observed more than an independent and distant relationship at their shared public table, I find this to be no surprise.

I think there’s a lot of bitterness carried over from those former school board officials who were replaced in the August election. One, a former 912 member who wouldn’t represent his constituents and was thus removed, is a hero now to Strong. Another of their favorites is the confident school board member, Ken Peterson, who is willing to firmly express his opposition to prayer preceding official meetings, seeing no link between prayer and the success or failure in all of the areas of public education over which they preside.

The reason that we should all be concerned about what is happening in only one of ninety-five counties is that this is Tennessee’s most affluent, educated and conservative county. If the conservatives there can be defeated, the others will be low-hanging fruit. We’ve been told by other school districts that they are watching to see our success, they need a strong and courageous example.

Julie West, sometimes seen on Fox & Friends, is a Twelver who’s been active in pouring through the text books and examining Common Core. Julie has taken the time to determine the biased favoritism of Islam and derogation of Judeo-Christian values. Of our current texts, she recently wrote:

“Also problematic is the fact that a disproportionate amount of time and number of standards seem to be allocated to subject matter promoting Islamic content and views hostile to traditional American values. This is easily illustrated by the example provided in the district letter. Having spent a great deal of time studying world religions in college, I appreciate the importance of understanding people of all faiths. However, balance and accuracy are crucial. Sixth grade, we are told covers Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism. They failed to mention that sixth grade covers Greek, Roman and Egyptian theology, “human origins”, geography, and “climatic changes”. I was able to locate only a single reference to Christian doctrine and the name of Jesus in the sixth grade standards. Neither the Christian doctrine content nor Judaism were linked to any CCSS literacy standard. This begs the question, how much time will actually be spent on these topics? Seventh grade, the letter informs us, covers Islam and church history. This is not balance. Church history is not doctrine. And much of what appears in the WCS church history segment is offensive. Consistent differences in tone are present throughout the resources.

While videos and documents critical of the Christian church and questioning Biblical accounts are plentiful, any scrutiny of the Islamic faith or the Koran is completely absent. There are videos by Muslim theologians praising the “golden age” and inaccurately claiming credit for developments easily attributable to others. There are no links featuring Billy Graham or Lifeway Christian stores that provide students an opportunity to buy Christian T-shirts or share a conversion story as can be done with pro-Muslim clothing. However, the same PowerPoint supporting the Islamic “literacy standards” are appearing in school districts across the state and nation.”

These advocates of our text books and of Common Core are the same people who want the theory of evolution taught to our students and insist upon censoring the counter idea, intelligent design, stating, as did former WCSB member, Barry Watkins, “…intelligent design is only a theory”.

I hope that you’ll weigh being involved with our WCSB Twelvers and their like-minded friends, supporting our members who are in the battle. If we can’t win in our hometowns, our republic will now be an oligarchy controlled by a few.


PS Thanks to Richard Emery, go here to see one of the co-authors of Common Core, Dr. David Pook (not kidding), describe that he helped write his part of Common Core because of his intent to remove white privilege. (again, no kidding—watch at about 15 second mark ) Not because of the noble cause to improve learning accuracy but for his skewed left wing agenda…and the foundation was thus laid for Common Core.

A man speaks from that which fills his heart. Jesus


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