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The ACLJ Claims Victory! Wait…


Check Your Calendar

The ACLJ just sent out a press release announcing they have withdrawn their records requests on 146 school districts in the state.

Reminder: On September 16, the ACLJ requested every communication “concerning any world religion” including emails between parents and teachers, detailed lesson plans, and all tests, quizzes and assignments from every teacher who touches upon “world religions.” They also asked for the name of every single teacher who teaches the classes.

Now the ACLJ says they are withdrawing their request because the state “subsequently” announced they will review social studies standards earlier than anticipated.

“On September 16, 2015, I submitted a Tennessee Open Records Act request on behalf of the American Center for Law & Justice (“ACLJ”) to the ____ School District. Subsequently, the State Board of Education Chairman announced that due to the controversy surrounding World Religion and the discussion of Islam in the public schools, Tennessee will be reviewing the social studies standards two years early, in January 2016.” – Carly F. Gammill, Senior Litigation Counsel, AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW & JUSTICE

Except: The state made their announcement to move up social studies review on September 15, BEFORE the ACLJ filed their records request.

Facts matter.


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