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Your Guide to the Anti-Muslim Holiday Inn Hatin’ Hootenanny

The Steve Gill/912 Project/Laurie Cardoza-Moore/99.7 WTN event tonight regarding Islam in the schools purports to be about WCS, though given the track record of the participants we see no reason to believe this event is anything but another stop on the anti-Muslim campaign tour. Here’s a handy guide for those who want to understand a little more about the hosts and presenters.  

Reviews from previous stops on the tour

“County by County orchestration by Steve Gill & Co. They’ve been distributing DVD’s, spreading fear tactics, etc. stuff since the summer. I had the outside guys stop by and spew this stuff to me in July/August. They convince someone locally to take up their cause & they come in with “revolution in a box” to be our saviors from Islamic Indoctrination & liberalism. Call people from other counties. It’s all the same. Please don’t act like this has randomly popped up. …I’m a Baptist Pastor, Father & a registered Republican & I’m telling you the truth about this. This site [Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination] is owned and operated by Steve Gill and there is money, power, and votes at stake here. I’m speaking out because of their use of deception, fear tactics, attacks against local officials, hatred and inciting of disunity.” – Pastor Brad Walker (First Baptist Church of Sparta)


Steve Gill — Gill Media. Gill has been running this tour in the plateau counties and started Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination (CAII). Who is paying Mr. Gill?

“Why do you think Islam is coming to the Bible belt? Because if they can win here, they know the rest of the way will be easy.” – Steve Gill
“The threat of Islam is not in far off countries. It’s in our classrooms in White County.” – CAII paid radio ads in White County

J. Lee Douglas — 912 TN President and anti-Muslim leader for many years. Susan Curlee supporter, Mike Looney adversary, host of Beth Burgos’ election kickoff.

“I don’t want anybody to persecute any religion including Islam, but we have a duty as Americans to understand that they intend to take us over and compel us to become Islamic.” – J. Lee Douglas

Beth Burgos with J. Lee Douglas and his wife Elizabeth McClurg

Beth Burgos with J. Lee Douglas and his wife Elizabeth McClurg

Laurie Cardoza-Moore — Founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.

“Islam is a political system of global domination… 30%, based on the numbers that were done, are terrorists…..We know we have a huge terrorist network here in Tennessee. The Nashville Islamic Center appears to be the mothership. – Laurie Cardoza-Moore


Dr. Bill Warner, PhD – Self-proclaimed expert on Islam, seller of translations of the Koran and other books, DVD’s and classes.

Bill Warner

His real name is Bill French. His website says his PhD (1968) is in physics and math; it is actually in electrical engineering (why alter that?). He is little known outside the local confines of anti-Muslim activism. He spent the bulk of his career working on home energy efficiency (heating, cooling, insulation, etc.) and had several temporary and adjunct appointments at TSU in the Industrial Arts and Technology department in the 80s and 90s. French/Warner has no training in religion or history and is not cited or treated as a reputable scholar by actual scholars of Islamic history or theology. He does not speak or read Arabic yet sells translations of the Koran. Among other things, French/Warner says Islam is a system of political domination. He says “we” have “two enemies.” The “far enemy,” he explains, is Islam. The “near enemy” are those who don’t agree with his point of view about Islam.   

One small example of Warner’s work: French/Warner has tallied up the deaths he attributes to jihadis. Vanderbilt Dr. Beth Burgos cited that number. But even a quick check of the first bullet shows that Warner blames every single death in the entire history of the Atlantic slave trade on… you guessed it: The Muslims! (No blame for you, Christianity.)  

Julie Mauck — Mauck moved to Middle Tennessee last summer and actually has kids in public schools! Sadly, she wasn’t here for sixth grade to see what the kids learn about the origins of Christianity. Below is one of Mauck’s posts that was covered in some media, including

Julie Mauck

Kyle Mallory — Both Breitbart and Beth Burgos referred to Mallory as the Tennessee Teacher of the Year. That is not correct based on the list of recipients 1960-2016.

Kyle Mallory

Actually, Mallory is a Stewart County social studies teacher and political activist since 1980. He is active in several counties’ Tea Party organizations. He was named activist of the year by PET (Professional Educators of Tennessee), a small teacher organization supported strongly by Curlee, Burgos and Emerson. Mallory won the Tennessee middle school Smart/Maher VFW Citizenship Education Teacher Award 2013-2014. He was sponsored for appointment to the state textbook commission by Shelia Butt and previously criticized Governor Haslam for appointing a Muslim woman (and former Vanderbilt student body president) to an economic development position.

Michael Patrick Leahy — Breitbart “reporter” and “early tea party activist”

Cathy Hinners — Maury County resident and founder of Listed as one of the top 12 “Women Against Islam.” Beth Burgos sent people to Hinners’ blog for more information about her concerns.

“It isn’t by coincidence Muslim children are attending public schools, they are another way in which the word of Islam is spread.” – Cathy Hinners

Jackie Archer — We don’t know if she will be there but her group’s materials were handed out in White County.   

“The majority of the current crop of teachers and administrators are already subjects (victims) of the systematic indoctrination that has been inflicted on our education system for decades.” – Jackie Archer, Textbook Advocates

Read more about the “Our Kids are Getting Indoctrinated in Social Studies” road show here.


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