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Eric Welch District 10 Candidate Survey

NameEric WelchHow long have you lived in Williamson County?10 YearsAre you personally a graduate of the Williamson County Schools or the Franklin Special School District?NoDo you have children and/or grandchildren that live in Williamson County?YesDo your children and/or grandchildren attend Williamson County Schools or FSSD?YesWhere do you stand on the issue of vouchers and charters schools in Williamson County?I don’t feel vouchers are needed here. I believe vouchers can be a viable alternative for families trapped in failing school districts that are unable/unwilling to improve, but we are blessed to be home to the top 2 school districts in the state with nationally recognized performance. We’ve never received a completed application for a charter in WCS & outperform every charter in TN. Approval should be done case-by-case & approved only if an unmet need is addressed or our schools underperform.Which of the following statements best describes your position on the allocation of the County’s education resourcesI believe we need to continue investment in our current system and leadership to address challenges and opportunitiesPlease explain your answerEfficient budgeting has allowed WCS to maximize funds and keep our schools the best in Tennessee and nationally, our taxes low and Williamson County property values the highest they’ve ever been. It surprises many to learn that WCS ranks in the bottom 5% nationally in per pupil funding, but our performance is in the top 5%. Our success is self-evident. For every dollar of local taxes invested in our schools, WCS graduates got back 44 cents in offered scholarships with the Class of ’14 earning an average of $53,430 per graduate in 4-year scholarships.If elected what is your priority for Williamson County Schools?Upon Re-election my priority will remain the same as it’s been for the past 4 years; to provide our students the best possible educational experience and continue our progress of keeping Williamson County Schools a district recognized nationally for excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts.Our board’s vision statement is to provide exemplary programming, which maximizes student development in all areas. Curriculum is developed within the district and taught by a diverse group of effective teachers evaluated on student performance and the ability to build relationships. We partner with our families and our community to enhance student excellence. We support local control of our schools and curriculum for our students’ benefit.What is the website address of your campaign or Facebook page?

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