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Melody Morris District 2 Campaign Survey

NameMelody MorrisHow long have you lived in Williamson County?13 yearsAre you personally a graduate of the Williamson County Schools or the Franklin Special School District?NoDo you have children and/or grandchildren that live in Williamson County?YesDo your children and/or grandchildren attend Williamson County Schools or FSSD?YesWhere do you stand on the issue of vouchers and charters schools in Williamson County?Experimental Charter Schools were created to save failing schools in urban districts. Williamson County schools are the highest performing in Tennessee. I see no reason to experiment with a system that is working exceedingly well. School vouchers provide options for the disabled or the extremely poor. We have excellent special education programs in our county, and we have systems to provide extra care for the disadvantaged. Vouchers might benefit a few students with severe disabilities.Which of the following statements best describes your position on the allocation of the County’s education resourcesI believe we need to continue investment in our current system and leadership to address challenges and opportunitiesPlease explain your answerThe strategic plan adopted in 2010 with much community input is providing vision and direction for our system. We are building schools needed to house a growing student population, increasing the use of technology to prepare students for an electronic world, and reaching new levels of achievement in academics, athletics and the arts. Outstanding growth in ACT scores alone testify the plan is working, and moving us toward being nationally recognized for excellence in all arenas. It makes sense to continue moving in a direction that is working.If elected what is your priority for Williamson County Schools?We have a great school system that gets better every year. I want to protect what we have from those who would radically change it. As our population grows, we must find adequate resources to build and maintain buildings, hire excellent teachers, and still provide students the best learning tools possible. Excellent public schools attract economic development, and we must continue to challenge new businesses to invest in public education in meaningful ways. I want to make sure all of our parents are aware of the many avenues through which they can productively engage the system and express their concerns.What is the website address of your campaign or Facebook page?

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