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Vicki Vogt District 12 Candidate Survey

NameVicki VogtHow long have you lived in Williamson County?We have lived in Williamson County for 19 years. We lived in Spring Hill for 7 years and have called Franklin home for 12 years.Are you personally a graduate of the Williamson County Schools or the Franklin Special School District?NoDo you have children and/or grandchildren that live in Williamson County?YesDo your children and/or grandchildren attend Williamson County Schools or FSSD?YesWhere do you stand on the issue of vouchers and charters schools in Williamson County?Williamson County is a high performing school district, which has served the community very well. In my opinion charter schools are an option of last resort for failing schools. Charter schools are not appropriate for WC because it would dilute resources and not add value. I am against vouchers because the concept redirects public tax dollars into unaccountable, private institutions. The entire WC community benefits from having a strong public school system.Which of the following statements best describes your position on the allocation of the County’s education resourcesI believe we need to continue investment in our current system and leadership to address challenges and opportunitiesPlease explain your answerI want to stay the course and build on the accomplishments of WCS. We have the momentum in our schools and the support of our community to continue the Strategic Plan.If elected what is your priority for Williamson County Schools?The Strategic Plan identified expansion of the Fine Arts and Athletic categories. I want to zero in on a plan of action to achieve this vision and explore community partnerships to help support it. Increased opportunities for creative expression and physical activity will enhance growth and learning.What is the website address of your campaign or Facebook page?

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